Meet the Six Candidates Vowing To Clean Up Santa Clarita’s Water Board

The current board is plagued by cronyism, rate hikes, and pollution neglect. “The Water 6" candidates aim to change that.

A Toxic Agency
Dean Efstathiou (left), Dante Acosta (right)

Cleaning Up the Board

Beth Braunstein, Div. #1

Farmer, teacher, mother

Beth Braunstein

Christine Okamoto, Div. #1

Business owner, mother, yoga instructor

Christine Okamoto

Valerie Bradford, Div. #2

Business owner, human resources manager, mother and grandmother

Anna Kumar, Div. #2

Insurance agent, mother, school site council member

Anna Kumar

Kathye Armitage, Div. #3

Groundwater sustainability advisor, public health professional, mother

Stacy Fortner, Div. #3

Groundwater sustainability advisor, IT specialist, mother

Stacy Fortner

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